About Us

Naval's Educational Society, founded in 1995, took up the responsibilities to provide a centre of excellence for the young and tender minds of all the children of Gorakhpur.By establishing Naval's Senior Secondary School at Rustampur, Gorakhpur, besides the holy river Rapti in year 1995. From then on there has been no looking back and Naval's Educational Society has been successful in establishing 10 (Ten) very renowned centers of excellence obtaining affiliation from three different educational boards so that children from every sphere of life may be benefitted.

Naval's Academy's sole purpose is to improve the intelligence quotient (IQ), compassion, motivation and ability to respond to pleasure and pain. Henceforth as a summation we strive to better the IQ and EQ (Emotional Quotient) of the young generation of today. In fact we do believe that -

We do not Like to go where the path leads but go where there is no path and leave a trail behind.

Mrs. Navalpati Tripathi-a simple and homely lady, is a gifted person with a sharp mind and a vision. She and her small family have everything that a person could crave for name, fame and riches. But Mrs. Tripathi is, in a way, a restless soul. The chief source of her restlessness is her observation that many of the children in our society, either wither away in want of proper education or are led astray because of the defects in its system.

Moved by the feelings and by drawing inspiration from Mrs. Navalpati Tripathi, her husband Dr. S.N. Tripathi and her son Dr. Sanjayan Tripathi, who are the persons of wide experiences in the educational field and are aware of every aspect of it, took a vow to devote themselves to the cause of education. Gathering around themselves few other like minded and similarly energised persons, founded the Naval’s Educational Society, Gorakhpur in the year 1995.

The aim of this Society is to establish schools in different parts of the city, so as to cover the maximum number of children, who miss proper education either because of shortage of space in the existing big schools or because of their inability to bear the expenses.

The next priority on the agenda of the Society is to improve the quality of education. This society has scant regard for stereo-typed schooling and wants its school to introduce an air of freshness and novelty in their work.

The choice of the medium of instruction is left to the school but what is insisted upon is that the educational inputs must be relevant and creative. The students have to be acquainted with the changes taking place around them and they are to be made fit in mind and body to grapple with the emerging challenges. New and innovative methods of teaching are to be tried and adopted by the society’s schools.

The society started its journey of education with the opening of the English Medium Senior Secondary School at Rustampur, Gorakhpur. Since then there has been no looking back. The society has gone on adding branch after branch in Gorakhpur.

Our Existing Branches are -: 1- Navals National Academy, Rustampur 2- Naval's National Academy , Raptinagar 3- Naval's Academy Inter College, Phulwaria 4- Naval's National Academy, Buxipur 5- Naval's National Academy, Azad Nagar , 6- Naval's Degree College Kusmhi 7- Naval's National Academy , Kusmhi 8- Naval's Academy Inter College , Turkmanpur 9- Naval's National Academy , Surajkund

Attracted by the strict and disciplined, quality and result oriented teaching, excellent result in examinations, well planned educational calender and cooperative administration resulted in the establishment of Ten branches within Eighteen years. It is an excellent example of the interest of society people for ‘quality education’ and cooperation for this noble cause as well as the devotion of Naval’s Educational Society to prove as per the expectations of the people to serve the society and country in the best possible way .

No doubt, all the branches are equipped with all modern equipments & facilities for “quality education”- a must for good schools. The big airy rooms, highly qualified and trained teachers, computer facility, science laboratory, a rich library, big playground and strict disciplined atmosphere will really be helpful to enhance all the potentials of the students.