Director's Message

Dirtor's PhotoEducation not only connotes state-of-the-art infrastructure, vast number of students, laboratories and equipment, well-stocked libraries etc. It’s distinguished feature is the emphasis on preparing students to face life itself, through efforts to develop their personality and character, and hone their mental skills to deal with the problems and challenges of the complex world of today.

Whenever I am asked to define education, I remember a beautiful quote of Mahatma Gandhi on it. He said, “Real education has to draw out the best from the boys and girls to be educated.” Truly inspired by the visions of Gandhiji and other eminent educationists of our country and the rest of the globe, we have decided to come up with more significant and creative step in school education with a strong commitment of use of modern and innovative approach for spreading knowledge. Well, I am extremely delighted to welcome you warmly to Naval’s National Academy, Kusmhi, which is dedicated to inculcate strong moral values, qualities of integrity, honesty, creativity, imagination, perseverance, benevolence, discipline, self-confidence, transparency of thoughts and command over communication skills in all its students besides academic excellence. We are at the doorstep of a new challenge and opportunity with a pledge of making our school a centre of excellence where a stress free and caring environment is there for nurturing the young minds. We seek your vital co-operation and a great support for all times to accomplish the high standards.

I welcome all the new entrants to the NAVALIAN Family. Our Endeavour is to provide the best possible facilities in the field of sports, Co-curricular activities and in the sphere of education. We have a dream to take this school amongst top ranking institutions of the world.

I wish everyone the very best.