Computer literacy is an indispensable part of education today. There is hardly any branch of knowledge or technology in which computers have not been pressed into service. In view of this fact, every branch of Naval's Academy provides computer classes to the children from an early stage.

full fledged compute wing is attached to every branch where the latest computers are installed and where lesson by qualified teachers are taught to the children in graded manner.

Conveyance Facility

Academy's buses run on the chartered routes of the city in the morning for carrying the students from the stops nearest to their residences to the branch Academy, and in the afternoon back to their stoppages. Students availing the bus facility have to observe the notified bus timings. Those missing the bus their own fault will have to make their own arrangements for reaching and returning from the academy.

Students and their Parents /Gurdians may please note that concerned Acadmey accepts no responsibility for any mechanical failure, road accident and disruption of traffic or any other unavoidable factors.

The branch Academy offers this service as a measure of convenience and it can not be claimed as a matter of right. Information regarding the bus routes, stoppages, timings and charges may be ascertained from the branch Academy's office.

Every branch Academy has a well furnished library where books and reading materials on various subjects of interest for the students and the teachers, are available . Students may make use of the library during the recess or after the school hours with the permission of the Principal.

Students must borrow books from the library for a short duration. Any damage caused by the students to the library books or any loss of books from the library for a short duration. Any damaged caused by student to the ibrary books or nay loss of books by them will have to be compensated in accordance with the decison taken by the pricncipal.


Every branch Academy running science classes at the secondary and the senior secondary level has as well furnished science laboratory for its students for doing their practicals.

The Labs will be operated only under the guidance and supervision of the Science teachers and the lab assistants, loss of or damage caused to the apparatureses and materials in the labs will have to be made good by the students responsible for it.


Perfection and excellence in all spheres is the hallmark of the day. So it is our duty to product future citizens who can cope with the challenges of a rapidly advancing world while making a significant contribution to the socity and community. Keeping this fact in mind, we have a spacious Language room equipped wiht a T.V., V.C.R., Music system etc and for which we have qualified and experined teachers. Special English Classes are held here with audio- visual aids being used for teaching pro accent, vocabulary and other language skills.


Learing Maths - The Fun Way :- On the latest recommendations of National Curriculam Framwork 2005 & to support continuous and comprehensive evaluation, wer lay special emphasis on lab activities, speedy maths, tricky maths. Various tools of CCE are introduced through game, puzzles, data handling and analysis, problem solving, origami, project framing of word problems assignments and tasks for formative Assessment (FA) & term wise papers for Summative Assessment (SA) etc.

E-Learing Classes

Sometimes certain explanations are not correctly interpreted by the children due to the non formation of Images in their brain. Therefore, we have lanuched the scheme of Smart Classes which gives an audio- vedio presentation of the topics that are being taught and hence develops a better understanding of the subject between the teacher and the taught. Moreover the Smart Classes help in knowing things even which are above the level of the class of the child that help in developing an intrest within the child regarding the subject.