Rules & Regulation

  • Discipline is necessary for the smooth and efficient running of the school. Punctuality, Neatness, Courtesy, Generosity, Hard work, Consideration for others, Cooperation spirit is insisted upon in the school.
  • Discipline is also necessary to help the students to acquire self-discipline, without which a person cannot become upright and grow towards freedom. True freedom is the ability to freely choose what is really true and good. But, “it is a long way to freedom”.
  • A student’s mistake can be tolerated to some extent as part of the process of growing up, but repeated misbehavior and action against the spirit of the school is not tolerated even if this causes pain to the parents of the stubborn, uncooperative student.
  • A student should carry his/her diary and his/her identity card to school every day.
  • Pupils are answerable to the school authorities for their moral behavior even outside the school.
  • Habitual idleness, objectionable moral and indisciplined behavior is a sufficient reason for expulsion. Every student is urged to contribute to the high moral standard of the school by his/her manners and deportment.
  • English to be used in the school premises. Those not willing to abide by this regulation will be asked to leave the school. The number of times students are found talking in Hindi, marks will be deducted from English I.
  • The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of books, money, clothes and other things.
  • All should arrive on time for classes. Those who are late or who have been absent must obtain an ‘Admit Ticket” from the PrincipalPrefect before going to class. Habitual late comers may be sent back home.
  • Cycles must be locked in the cycle stand and may not be kept in the compound or in the verandah.
  • No body will be allowed to go home during class time except in case of emergency.
  • Students should get their Report Cards signed by the guardians within two days of the recieving of the Report Cards.
  • The Name, Class and Section of the students should be clearly marked on all belongings of the students.
  • The school reserves the right to expel a student whose diligence or progress in studies is habitually and repeatedly unsatisfactory.
  • No shouting or whistling is allowed in the school building.
  • All should take pride in keeping the whole school compound clean. Waste paper is to be thrown in the baskets or bins provided for this purpose.
  • Collection of any kind of fee (even fines or the sale of tickets for any purpose) is not permitted in the school without the written permission of the Principal/Headmaster.
  • Parents/Guardians are welcome to meet the faculty to discuss about the progress of their wards every now and then.

Leave of Absence

  • A student who is absent without previous leave for more then ten days immediately after vacations or for fifteen days consecutively during the year will have his name removed from the roll. A student who wants to take leave must bring a written application from his parents and get it approved by the Principal in advance.
  • If a Student is late or has been absent for an unforeseen reason, the guardian is requested to fill in the reason for this in this diary and report to the Principal. Unless this is done the student will not be allowed to enter the class. Absence because of illness has to be reported to the school within a week.
  • A student returning after sickness from an infectious disease must produce a clearance certificate from the doctor. If circumstances force you to withdraw your child from the class before the scheduled time, then persons other than own parents should carry an authorization letter from the parents; otherwise your child will not be allowed to leave the class.

In the Class Room

  • Silence is to be kept at all times during the class period.
  • While class is going on and something is not understood the student wishing to put a question should raise his/her right hand and wait till the teacher gives the sign to speak.
  • The students have to sit in their assigned places in the class.
  • During games and Breaks nobody is allowed inside the classrooms.


  • The intended withdrawal of a pupil should be made known in writing to the Principal at least one calendar month in advance, or else one month’s full fee will be charged.

Bus Service

  • The school bus follows a fixed route and stops only at the established centers, where the students of the neighborhood should gather. The bus may not deviate from that route.
  • The bus service is given for the whole year. It cannot be withdrawn at any time in the Academic year.

In The Bus

  • The students who have subscribed to the school bus must carry their bus pass everyday.
  • Students should enter and leave their bus in single line without pushing.
  • As a safety measure nobody should put his hand out through the protecting bars of the windows, not even to salute someone.
  • Singing or shouting is strictly forbidden.
  • Students should wait at their respective stoppage for the bus. While waiting they should be mindful of good manners and exemplary behavior. Playing at these centers is not allowed.
  • Eating in the bus is not allowed.
  • Speaking in English in the bus and in the school campus is obligatory on all.


  • Bus Fee for eleven month in the whole of Academic year is to be deposited as per fee schedule.
  • A schedule of the charges is available with the Bus Department.
  • Buses have definite routes and stops. Therefore the school does not entertain any requests for changes of bus stops and bus – routes to suit an individual’s convenience.
  • Excursions, conducted tours, picnic etc. are not included in the regular charges.
  • The school will accept a clear one calendar month’s notice for discontinuation of bus.

During Co-Curricular Activities

  • These activities from part of the educational system and have to be attended by all. Students have to bring their own material or craft according to the instructions given by the teacher.
  • During drawing and craft-classes silence is to be kept as during any other period.
  • Exemption from drill and games is to be asked for through a letter by the parents of the students.

Rules and Hints about Study at home

  • A fixed time for study should be set aside daily at home. From Std.-VII onwards a minimum of 3 hours. Parents should create an atmosphere in the home which is conducive to study, and strictly control the watching of T. V. Home tasks must be done in the exercise book set aside for that purpose.
  • Try to repeat daily what has been seen in class; learn promptly any new word you have seen in the course of the language class.
  • All books should be kept neat and clean. It is conducive to neatness to have all books covered with a wrapper of strong brown paper.
  • The class teacher has the right to hand over any soiled book or exercise book to the Principal/Headmaster who will either discard it or fine the student.


  • The reading of library books is conducive to the formation of good style and it is a source of general knowledge.
  • Students of standard VI and above can ask for books from the librarian. For the boys of Prep to Std. V library books will be available from the class teacher.
  • Damage to a book or a loss of a book is to be made good by the offender.
  • All must read a minimum of twelve English books and six Hindi books in a year. A one page summary of each book read must be shown to the librarian or three marks for every book not read will be deducted from English I in the final examination.

Some Recommendations to Parents

  • Parents should not allow their children to bring valuable articles to school such as costly fountain pens, costly books, watches etc. The students are not permitted to bring crackers, colors, transistors, electronics gadgets, scooters, motorcycles etc, to school. Bursting of crackers and playing with colors are liable to lead to expulsion from the School.
  • Check the hair cut, uniform and punctuality of your ward in the morning.
  • See that your ward carries books/exercise books according to the Routine of that day.
  • See that he does his homework. Also see the teacher’s or Principal/Headmaster remarks on his behavior, his class work/homework.
  • Encourage your ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities and sports.

Private Tuition

  • Private tuition by our teachers for our students should not be taken up except with the written approval of the Principal, because it can become a racket and do more harm than good.

Parents’ Involvement

  • The parents of Navals Academy, Raptinagar have entrusted the school with bringing to maturity, the seed of manhood that has been so carefully sown in the home. They however, should co-operate with the school by their total involvement, which calls for a real understanding of the school’s philosophy.
  • Parents should be living examples of the values taught to and expected of their wards. They should inform the principal and the teachers concerned of any family problems or other pertinent facts that are necessary for a proper understanding and guidance of their wards. They should participate in the growth and development of NAVALS ACADEMY, RAPTINAGAR, GKP
  • To attain total harmony between the home and school
  • Fr. Principal sends information thro’ letters to Parents about the activities, achievements, growth and development of the school.
  • Progress Cards are given at the end of each Assessment/Term Examination.
  • Parent – Teacher meetings are organized.
  • Parents are encouraged to meet the teachers, by appointment, to discuss the progress of their wards.
  • The School can do very little for students whose parents give bad example or teach something contradictory to what is taught in school.